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Time for an Update and a Look to the Future

Well, the expected recession might not be official, yet, but an 0.6% GDP growth rate with top banks tanking is not exactly a rosy picture. I have done all right, but because of timidity, not nearly as well as I could have. I sold out of my gold far too soon; just as it went $660 an ounce. It bounced up above a $1000 recently. I didn't buy the ETF in Bolivia - BIG mistake, as that fund has had a 47% growth rate this year. I was too afraid of major companies being taken over by the government in the spur of nationalization down there.

However, I haven't done too badly, considering the woeful tumble of the stock market. I sold my WTR stock far too soon, realizing a small loss instead of any profit, and my LEH stock has (as have most financial stocks) tanked severely. However, ExxonMobil (XOM) had record profits and has risen enough to balance out the LEH losses, so my DRIP fund is now at $3231 despite being down some 21% today. I have reached the conclusion after a year of experimenting that it is likely better for someone of my level of discipline to simply save up a wad of dough and buy into a stock with a limit order set very low and just wait for the price to sag to meet rather than dollar-averaging drip investing. I'll be moving those stocks over to my Fidelity portfolio sometime later this year.

Speaking of it, I previously reported $50,900. Adding in the rollover from Former Employer brought that to $64,177. Some adventurous day-trading on Marathon Oil brought that up quite a bit... then the stock market lost over 2,000 points. I have however made some smaller but also profitable trades since, so now the Pre-tax 401k stands at $67,492. I also started a Roth IRA, currently at $4,185, and an After-tax IRA (for the year of No Employment) that is now at $4302. That gives me a new total of $76,079.

The Emergency Fund is healthier also; it has gone from $6,000 to $11,725. There are some signs of strain, however: my clothing needs some replacement, especially some more work shirts. I am getting really tired of how little there is on the basic cable for $13 a month. I don't know if Comcast will ever satisfy - they want to just charge you fees every time you sneeze. I'm seriously considering going to a dish if it would work from my apartment balcony at all. If not I may cancel cable and go Internet service only, taking up a Netflix subscription instead.

I also have the maximum 401k deduction being automatically taken out of my pay each month. That means there is very little free cash; my recent vacation was the result of saving up for several months to afford it. I will be so happy when I finally have my car paid off - 12 more payments to go. It needs two new tires within the next 3 months, also. And an inspection.

Well, that's the update. How is everyone else doing? Is anyone else finding this downturn particularly worrisome? Or am I just a worry-wart? 
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